Saturday, August 27, 2011

What I like about the various cloth diapers

I received a bag of hand-me-down cloth diapers before Peanut was born. A big thanks to Hubby's parents who brought them down, and Hubby's cousin who hand-me-down'd them to us.

There are a couple of brands that I'm now familiar with. There is something I like about each one and something I don't like. The inserts are a set of microfiber inserts that came with the bag of diapers.

Bum Genius -- I'm not sure what version I have, but I like these quite a bit. They are easy to stuff and the velcro tabs have loop on the backs so the tabs can overlap. They have a gusset across the back, but I've had as many leaks out the back as any without the gusset.

Happy Heiny's -- These are easy-peasy to stuff with the wide crotch. Right now, its no biggy for Peanut, but I can imagine walking might not be the nicest. The opening for stuff is along the back seam, so no gusset. You've only got to watch that no wicking material is beyond the PUL. I don't like that the tabs are huge and wide. They do overlap, but I'd rather have small tabs like the BG or Haute Pockets.

Haute Pockets -- These I like. The tabs are over-lapable (is that a word?) And they aren't too difficult to stuff. The back bum area widens quite a bit and they have specially shaped inserts.

My own homemade pockets -- Well, I'm happy with them because they are a product of my own labor. On the other hand, they are difficult to stuff (the crotch is skinnier, and the PUL stickier -- not sure why). They fit nicely though, as they have adjustable elastic in the legs and along the back. Currently, they all have back gussets, but I think I'm going to stop making the diapers with them.

This is actually the pocket that friend Liz made for me, but our diapers are all based on the same pattern.

Make-shift soakers -- I put elastic in along the back of the soakers to help it hug the back better. These are the trimmest of the various options, if using a flat. I can use the prefolds with the soakers, too -- not as trim, but works quite well.  Unfortunately, the flats are rather small and Peanut is out growing them (they are the Gerber Birdseye flats). The fleece is starting to wick, though, so they might not be in service much longer. I'm thinking to make a few more that are a double layer of fleece, that should help prevent the wicking. I like that I can use a snappi to hold these closed, and I "size" them by turning down the front as needed. So simple!

The make-shift soaker on Peanut. It needs a snappi to stay on (or pins).

New fleece soakers -- I'm trying out using a double layered fleece soaker. I made one, and plan to make 2 more as a baby gift for a friend who is planning to use cloth diapers. I suspect that if a one layer fleece soaker wicks a small bit, a two layered soaker should do just fine.  Pictures to come!

I have some swaddle bees and fuzzy buns in a large size. I've started using with Little Bobble, the little girl I babysit, so when I have opinions on them, I'll let you know.


  1. Interesting stuff.
    BTW, I think this sort of post would work great with photos. If you're willing to share photos of your child's diapers... It's basically a review, and I think many moms and moms-to-be would appreciate it if they could also see what you're talking about. Just an idea.

  2. Yep - much better with pictures!


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