Monday, September 17, 2007

Potter Ponderings

I'm listening to Harry Potter, have been lots. I'm at the end of the “Half-blood Prince”, with only a few hours left. I'm struck by how Rowling reflects the sinful nature of man so well.

One aspect is that Harry is so sure he is right, and doesn't trust Dumbledore. How often we are so certain of our ideas, that we really know the whole story. How often we refuse to trust someone who has shown themselves as trust worthy, someone who by age or station probably knows so much more. Rowling seems to be establishing Dumbledore as a 'almost-all-knowing” kind of character, who cares for those beneath him, almost God-like. With that thought in mind, I realized that often it is probably God who we don't trust. He who truly knows all, and loves us completely. How often are we like Harry, thinking we know enough to be righteous in our anger when we don't know all the perspectives.

Just a few random thoughts from an amateur philosopher.

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