Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Visits and Expressions

The in-laws (mine) were in town this last week, mostly to meet the new little boy in our life. It was a great time, and they got some great pictures.

Now, the little boy has some great expressions. Not sure if he gets that from me, or from his Daddy, but I wish I could capture them all on film. I did decide today that I need to take more video. I was watching some short clips from the first few days and wishing I had more to watch. Ah, well, too late for that, but not too late to start now. The joys of days when memory is cheap -- I can take tons of pictures and video and never run out of storage space!

Here is a fun expression my father-in-law caught on camera... isn't the boy just darling!
And what do you think you are doing???!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daddy Magic

I've become scarce in the blogging world... well, I'm still reading all the blogs I read, but the presence and care of the baby have made the action of blogging more rare. Slowly, but surely, we are developing some sense of normal, which will mean a return to blogging.

I must tell you about the Daddy Magic that Hubby has displayed. There have been times when Baby's diaper has been checked and changed, he has been fed, and I'm holding him, yet he continues to cry, and cry, and cry. And when this child gets going, boy, can he get going. I think we have a stubborn one here (which he comes by honestly, both parents can be very stubborn and hard headed.)

At this point, I can, in my frustration, hand Baby off to Hubby, who will work his Daddy Magic. Sometimes, this means observing that Baby is just too hot (how do I seem to miss this?), but more often it means putting Baby on his shoulder and thumping the child on the back till Baby is happy and either sitting quietly or asleep. Additionally, Hubby will talk to Baby about his options.... he can sit quietly and chill, or he can go to sleep, or he can ask Mommy nicely for some milk, but fussing is not a good option. It might be the soothing nature of Daddy's (Hubby's) voice, but it works! I think there is some aspect of good training and discipline in there some where, I'm sure. Even a month-old child likes to know their choices.

It's the Daddy Magic.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate our first Father's Day with pancakes and bacon (likely for lunch, not sure I can get breakfast out before church) and a back rub for the Daddy. He deserves more, lots more, but this is what's on the agenda so far.  Thank you for being a good Daddy, Hubby.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Babies and diapers

Diapers are, generally, a necessary part of taking care of a baby. Common knowledge. And I venture into the world of cloth diapers, because I think they are better for baby, better for the wallet and better for environment. But they can be frustrating.

All my pocket diapers (where you stuff an absorbent insert into the middle) started repelling moisture. The pockets I'd made are, apparently, made of a fleece that repels moisture -- that was/is my bad for buying that fleece; but I hadn't thought to check such things in the store. But when even my commercially made (and handed down) pockets started repelling, I knew I was doing something wrong. Detergent? Likely. Added oxygen cleaner? Perhaps. So, I tried stripping them.  I washed them with dish detergent, scrubbed them in the sink by hand, which should cut through any residue -- hopefully. We shall see! Strangely, not had any of these issues with the flats or prefolds. And thus I begin my quest to find a new detergent.

Those with more cloth diaper-fu than I, any thoughts?

As for baby, we are slowly figuring it all out. My big, looming question at the moment is about falling asleep on your own.  Is this a taught skill, or one that develops on its own at some point? At what point, or age, can this skill be taught, or does it develop? I know I've got a few readers who have raised several children, that, I'm assuming, can all fall asleep on their own.  By "on their own", I mean no rocking, nursing or being held. Use of a lovey, blanket, paci, or other aid doesn't count in my book, because it does require the presence of mommy or daddy.  Fellow mothers, have you any thoughts, advice, or wisdom you might offer me?

Big questions today. Some days are just like that :P

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Book Review: Home Comforts

Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping HouseHome Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the ultimate reference for how to keep a house in running order. It's not a book to be read through in a few sittings, however, it's an encyclopedia to be referenced as needed.  Not to say it isn't engaging... I certainly read it through cover to cover and am reading it again. But most people are not of the mindset I am.

The author states directly, in her introduction, that *noone* is expect to pick up from nothing and do all she talks about. She discusses the variances in how a house might be kept and that one must start small and work up. She discusses that your house or apartment or studio or whatever is going to be different from hers and that you will need to consider what your home needs. Thus, it will take some time to get your routines and systems up and running, but once you do, your home runs smoother.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know the whys and wherefores of keeping house.

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Friday, June 03, 2011

The best years of my life

Today, Hubby and I celebrate 5 years of wedded bliss.  Quite honestly, each year keeps getting better, and so far, these have been the best years of my life. I'm not too afraid of growing older, especially because each year keeps getting better... if its this good now, how good will it be in 20 years?

Sure, we've had our ups and downs. Between my mom passing on, finding we weren't getting pregnant on our own, getting through comprehensive exams (both of us at some point), and any number of small disagreements and disappointments, there have been hard times. But the ever deepening friendship, the intimacy we've been able to foster, the birth of our son, and any number of small blessings and joys that show up have far outweighed the difficult parts.  We strive to be honest with each other, even went that honesty hurts, to communicate when we are angry, hurt, disappointed or frustrated, to believe that the other has good intentions, and to forgive each other quickly (even when emotions say not to). We've certainly made each other cry or be angry at some point or another, but believing that the other has good intentions goes a long way towards getting past the hurt.

The easy part has been rejoicing with the other. When Hubby got through comps with an A last summer, that was easy to celebrate with him (and everyone else who was done with that summer's exams). When we discovered we were pregnant last September, it was easy to celebrate together and plan how to share that news with family and friends. Nonetheless, this has been a critical part to balancing the negatives.

And then there is friendship. Hubby is my bestest of all friends. We enjoy just talking together and sharing, gaming together, talking about gaming, playing board games (that pit us together against the game -- not against each other; we discovered that early one), even talking philosophy (I'm learning the vocab to sound like I know what I'm talking about).  With out this friendship, our good relationship would be much harder to maintain.

5 years ago, just about to the hour

Two nerds in a pod
I love you, my husband. And I'd choose you all over again, with even more enthusiasm and determination to make you mine.