Toys for Peanut

I decided to switch out this page with less general ideas and more specifics. Here are some items that I think Peanut would really enjoy having. Or things I think he should have. Or stuff I think is just cool. 

First, from

5 things every child should have...

1. Something to build with: Legos, blocks, Lincoln Logs, rocks
2. Something to dress up with: silks, wardrobe hand-me-downs, work uniforms
3. Something to create with: paper, paints, tape, scissors, cardboard boxes, string, crayons (I'm pretty sure my family is currently keeping glue stick companies in business.)
4. Something to pretend with: trucks, dolls, play kitchen, sticks, pinecones
5. Plenty of time and space, both outside and in, to play with the above (This is perhaps to most important gift we have to offer our children!)

Here are my ideas --