Sunday, October 15, 2006


Investing in what, you may ask?

Investing in people. I want to invest in people's hearts, finding out what is there, and helping them to grow as people.

Years ago, I read "Run with Horses", by Eugene Patterson, which is about Jeremiah (the prophet). He said that to be a prophet is to call people to be fully human, and to be fully human, all that God created man to be, is to be in communion with him. When I read that, I realized that was my heart, to be a prophet who called people back to God. I want to see people know the God who created them, and to know him fully. I want to invest time, energy, love and truth in people who can then grow to become men and women of God, seeking God, and desiring to know him.

I want to be someone who speaks truth to others. But there have been times when the truth was thrown at me in such a way that I collapsed under the weight of it, and it crushed me. I don't want to see that happen to anyone else. And so truth must be balanced with love and acceptance. Its easy to know this and its hard to live it. How is this done? How to I make sure someone knows they are unconditionally love and accepted? How do I know that they know it? To see someone grow, and become more mature takes a great deal of truth that is tempered with love and acceptance.

I'm learning what this looks like, and I think God has brought me through enough situations of negative examples that I know what not to do. Now to seek God's wisdom on what to do...

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Creative Streak

The other day when I took my husband to work, I noticed a book. (BTW, he works at a book store.) It was a book on drawing. Of course, such books always draw my attention, and this one did no less. But, this time, as I looked through it, I remembered the joys of seeing a pictures develop on a page and of looking at what I had created and a streak of creativity sprung up from deep inside.

I've had these streaks spring up before, but this time a friend also had a poetry reading at her place, which fostered this streak a bit more. As I listened to the others read their favorite poems and poems they had written, the desire to write grew inside of me. I took that desire and ran with it. I wrote and wrote, about things I had felt at some time or about something I thought. I wrote about little things like not wanting to get out of bed, and about big things, like missing Mom. None of it is very long, but its a start. Perhaps, eventually, my creative writing will grow and fully mature into something beautiful. But even if remains a stunted expression of my inward creativity, that's okay, because even stunted expressions are better than nothing!

And I think I'll keep my eye on that book. Drawing would be fun, too!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Success, on one front

In cooking, that is.

I made a sponge cake last week. I had never attempted any thing other than a basic cake before, and after reading the recipe, I realized that sponge cakes are not a cake walk (pun intended!). But it was a chance to use my kitchen aide mixer, so I attempted the making of the sponge cake.

I actually followed the recipe exactly. I will often tweek this, or change that, especially if I don't have an ingredient, or I'm short on something, or it sounds better this other way. But this time, I did nothing of the sort; no, I followed the recipe to a "t". As I took the cake out of the oven, it looked good, and crumbs I tasted were good (it was an orange sponge cake). Then I hit a snag. Things like sponge cakes and angel food cakes must be suspended upside down while they cool, but my cake had been made in a silicone pan, which is soft and squishy, and, thus, is difficult to suspend. The pan started to squish in on itself and that didn't seem good for the cooling cake. So, I plopped the cake upside down the cooling rack. Alas, I discovered the need for suspention. The cake is sort of... squashed. Not bad, but you could see how it sank down on itself while cooling, once I put it on the cake stand. I'm still pondering the issue of "suspending" the next cake made in the silicone pan, and if you have any ideas, please let me know.

More Job Hunting Frustrations


Perhaps it is too early to be frustrated; it has, after all, only been 4 weeks since starting the "I'm really serious about finding work" process. I find a job that I think, "this might work", but as I look further into the job description, I find that I don't have experience, or the right education, or the right credentials.

Perhaps most frustrating is that I think I am most qualified to teach, either language (English, Chinese?) or linguistics, but California has made the process of getting a teaching credential long and difficult. I guess if you start out thinking that you will teach, you can get the right courses, and pick up the credential along the way. But, alas, for those of us that teaching was an after-thought, California is determined to make it about impossible for us to teach, whatever our qualifications might be! There is a good chance that every other state has the same requirements, it just so happens that I happen to be dealing with California right now, and so they get the brunt of my bashing. (yeah, it was my bad to turn down the teaching job in Fullerton, even if it was a bit far away. 'course, hind sight is 20/20.)

What else am I qualified to do? I, unfortuanately, am a "jack of all trades", which means I have dabbled in just about everything, but don't have much depth of experience in anything. Plus, I got tons of theorectical knowedge (but little practical knowledge), and I'd be glad to pass it on, but that requires a credential. Can you hear my sense of frustration oozing out of these words?

I'm sure something will come along eventually. Perhaps I should apply for stuff even if I'm not sure I'm totally qualified. Who knows? Maybe someone will take pity on me and hire me anyways.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Job Rejections

I've declared how much I despise job hunting, and now I'm back at square one. I found the job that I *really* wanted and I even got an interview. After the interview, I was sure that this was THE job, the one I wanted; the job that I would excel at and flourish in. I was told I was the last interviewee, and they would be doing call-back interviews Monday and Tuesday. I expected if I made the final pool of applicants, I'd get the call Monday morning. It is now Monday afternoon, and no call. I guess I just didn't cut it... bummer. I know, I know... perhaps they will call Tuesday. I don't think it will happen though. I've let disappointment move in, and I'm dealing with it.

Now I've got to start over and keep looking. Problem is, I have no idea where to start. I've gone through Monstertrak, and a variety of other job-hunting sites. Nothing. I'm not sure who to talk to next. I figure something will come along sometime, but I got to go looking for it first, right?

Alas, it is a dark moment when the light at the end of the job-hunting tunnel winked out, and one must continue their search in the darkness.

Professional Photographers

Got the pictures from the professional photographer who did our wedding pictures. They are at

If you want to order any of these as prints, email

If you are getting married in Lubbock, Texas, I highly recommend Kirk for your pictures. He and his wife did a wonderful job, with beautiful pictures, as you can see. Many thanks, Kirk, and many blessings to you and your family!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Job Hunting

I highly dislike job hunting. I think its all the waiting and ambiguity involved in it; you spend all that time writing a resume, editing it, submitting it, and then you wait. And wait. Company contacts you... perhaps you get an interview... and then you wait some more. I often wonder how many others are applying, how many others are getting interviews, what are my chances? So many questions that I can't ask! It would be in very bad grace to ask in an interview "so, what are my chances? where do I line up to the other applicants? I've been offered another job, but I really want this one, should I hold out for it? Do I have a chance?"

My record so far is pretty good. I've applied for 6 jobs. I've gotten 3 interviews so far, and one job offer, which I turned down. I'm wondering if the job I *really* want might be too much for me, but I did get an interview for it. Do I hold out for it? What if I'm offered this other job that I interview for tomorrow? I don't interview for the job I *really* want until next week... ARGH. Why is timing so skewed? ARGH.

I have picked up a "do-on-your-own-time" sort of job. I make baby blankets for a lady who sells them online. Or, at least, I will make them if she likes the two I've made as a trial run. I figure this is a good deal, as I can do it while at home, with my new husband, watching TV. And if its too much, its easy to quit. And I like to sew. What better deal is that, getting paid to do something I'd do anyways. Too bad I can't do this for $30, 000 a year!

Wedding Pictures

Got one set! Yeah!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Recent Events from Rachael's Life

I have succumbed. It seems that to communicate by blog is the chose form of communication for our generation, so I might as well join in :P

Life is finally feeling back to normal. Its been a crazy three months... a wedding, a funeral, and lots of travel.

June 3, 2006 is now forever marked as one of the best days of my life. So far, it is *the best* day of my life, but I figure there is always a chance that something else might pass it up.... I don't expect it though. That was the day that I spoke my vows of devotion to the man I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with. That was the day he spoke vows of devotion to me, and chose me as the woman he would spend the rest of his life with. This is the second life changing decision I've ever made, and I have yet to think of any other decision that could pass it up.

June 17, 2006 marks one of the saddest days of my life. Early that Saturday morning, my mother passed from this world into the presence of Jesus, her Lord and Savior. I knew she was sick, but it wasn't until that Thursday before that I was aware that she was dying. Two weeks before, she had attended my wedding, and it was on our way home from the honeymoon that we stopped off at my parent's house because Mom was so sick. Thankfully, goodbyes were said Thursday night by all of us, Dad, Sister Emily, and me. Friday was the hardest of those days because she was physically still alive, but didn't recongize anyone but Dad. By Friday afternoon, I began crying out to God to take her home, that I didn't want her to suffer like this. Friday evening she slipped into a coma and early Saturday morning, Dad found that she was no longer breathing.

Strangely, Saturday and Sunday were mostly filled with relief. Mom was no longer suffering, but was completely healed and was now rejoicing in Glory. It was Monday evening, and even Tuesday morning before grief set in. The funeral was hard, and the grave side service even harder; I cried more than I think I ever had before.

All of this was surrounded by tons of travel.... LA to Texas (for the wedding) to B.C. (for the honeymoon) back to Texas (for the funeral) then back to LA (home) then to Wisconsin (in-law visit) and finally back to LA. We've been back for 2 weeks now, and life is feeling normal. I'm doing the housewife thing while I look for work. Hopefully something comes along soon, or this blog will really fill up!