Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Frequent and Annoying Phone Calls: 433-533-9029

So, someone has decided to use my phone number, and now a collection agency keeps calling. Their number is 434-533-9029. Yes, I want all to know. I called them back and told them to stop calling. Then less than an hour later, they call again. I pick up.... nothing... no sound... no response. What is this? Are they trying to scare me?

Whoever is calling from 434-533-9029, STOP CALLING ME!!!! I never had any business with you and if you don't stop, it might begin to look like stalking.

Thank you.

Additional information:
They have called...
Aug 26, 2008 8:36 am
Aug 26, 2008 8:02 pm
Aug 27, 2008 8:39 am
Aug 27, 2008 8:13 pm

I called them on Aug 27, 2008 8:39 am to find out who this was and why they were calling me. It was some "financial institution" looking for "Solidad". When I told him not call any more, he said, "It will take 24 hours for the order to go through." When I told him to put my number on their do not call list, he says "that federal order only applies to sales solicitation." But I have no business relationship with them at all, there for those calls are unsolicited phone calls!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guys named Mike keep Verizon in business

So, seems like our problem has been solved. From an original activation date of 8/25, to now an activation date of 9/3, is not ideal, but at least we have the right plan with the right details. A guy named Mike in some part of Verizon phone service was efficient, actually listened and got it done. Thank you, Mike.

Of course, we will see if the order comes through. This would be order #5, and with 4 orders fallen through, it makes me wonder.

How does Verizon stay in business?

I have no idea. We are going on a week of trying to order DSL Internet to our apartment.

1. We ordered DSL Internet on 8/19/08 via online. 48 hours later, we hadn't heard anything (via email), so I wrote and email and called customer service. Customer service couldn't find the order, so we made a new order. Call this order #2.

2. About 24 hours later, I receive an email confirming another order, not the order placed on 8/21/08. Call this order #3. We call customer service trying to figure out what is going on.

3. Customer service declares they cannot help us, and promise a call back by end of business day (on 8/22/08). I also receive an email in response to my email about the missing order of 8/21/08. We never received that call back.

4. On Monday, 8/25/08, we call customer service AGAIN. We finally get to talk to a guy in India, who is kind and helpful and gets us the order we want. We are told we will need to call back to cancel the other orders that are floating around in the system, but otherwise all seems to be worked out. We are forced to wait an additional week for internet service, but sometimes that happens.

5. On Tuesday, 8/26/08, we receive a call from the agent at the other end of the email. After refusing to listen to anything we had to say, she proceeds to cancel the order made on 8/25 (the order we want).

6. We call customer service AGAIN. After being hung up on twice by customer service reps, we are still in limbo about if and when we will get our DSL internet. All of the sudden, customer service reps are very rude from the outset, and refuse to assist us or to transfer us to someone who can assist us. It is as if there is a note saying "being rude".

7. In the midst of all this, we discover that Verizon has some other address on file, a place we have never lived. I'm uncertain how Verizon stays in business, we can't be the only ones Verizon has screwed over.

The situation is not yet resolved, and we have used several hours worth of cell minutes (the only phones we have) in an attempt to order DSL internet. I hope that you, reader, never have to deal with Verizon.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The wedding album

After two years, the album is finally done. The final pages are not as carefully laid out as the earlier ones, but that is okay. I'm just glad it's done. From here on out, I buy albums where I just slip the photos in the slot... no more scrap booking.

While looking through the final product, we were reminded of what wonderful friends we have. these friends have been through a lot with us, and I know will continue to stick with us through life. Thank you, friends!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pink Thingy Campground

For our first night in Yosemite, we stayed at a campground just outside the park. It was a nice campground, not too crowded, close to the park. The lady in charge suggested a trail to the creek, a small waterfall and a swimming hole. We thought it sounded nice, it was early, so we found the trail and wandered along. It was very nice, easy to follow, and very peaceful; until we reached the waterfall. And there, perched prominatly on a log was a florestent pink intimate play toy. Who brings such things to the great outdoors?! Why leave it on the log next to the waterfall and swimming hole?! We debated... do we take it back so it can be properly thrown away? How do we dispose of this... thing?

We finally decided to set it off in the bushes, so that at least if any families came by the kids won't be asking, "Daddy, what's that?" Hopefully, it will be lost forever.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rachael's Plan Nothing Day

I decided to give myself a "plan nothing day" (PND) for when I finished my last class, and I could have a day to chill. I have found that is very difficult and near impossible to maintain.

Originally, we had plans for Saturday afternoon with friends, so I declared Friday the PND. Within two days, we had a dinner invitation for Friday to friends' house which, honestly, is far more important than my having a PND. Within a day, the Saturday afternoon activity had been cancelled, so the PND scheduled for Saturday. I'd rather have a week day PND, but weekend PND is better than none. Thursday evening, I get a call from a friend to hand out on Saturday. Friends always trump the PND. Then, Friday evening, another dinner invitation with other friends who are crazy busy, which definitely trump PND.

Alas, I will try again to schedule a PND, sometime soon, definitely mid-week.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another Valentine Poem

Another Valentines apparently never given. Remember, this was high school.

My Dear Friend,

My dear friend
who I value so.

My heart is loyal to only you.
Will you allow me to do so?

When I see your sweet face,
I think of nothing else.

Your hazel eyes can see my every thought.
Can I hide anything from you?

Your dark, brown hair shimmers in the light.
Is anything of mine not yours?

Please remember me on this very special day.
For I care for you; may you care for me the same.

(I have no idea who the hazel eyes and brown hair refer to. Either they are an abstract idea or I had a crush on someone with hazel eyes and brown hair. Who knows? It was high school.)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Discovering Sisters, continued

Ah-ha! The secret is revealed... say the letters.... "m" "l" "e". Now, what name does that sound like? Say them faster, blend them together.... that's it. Can you guess her name?

Discovering Sisters

So, I just discovered that my sister has blog identity mle, which I have no idea what it means, and has not 1, but 3 blogs! HA! Who knew?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday mornings

Saturday mornings are so
beautiful and lazy,
cool and refreshing,
slow and enticing,
warm and comforting,
and a whole bunch of other words that I can't think of right now.

Often, I wake up on a Saturday morning, with the feeling that I've got a lot to do, and got to get it done because work starts again soon. Then, with a flash of thought, I realize, WAIT, its only Saturday, and Sunday comes between today and Monday. How beautiful is that thought? Then, as I let my eyes wander to the calendar and realize there isn't that much to do today, my heart begins to leap. Yesterday involved gettting the sister & bro-in-law off to the airport and laundry; lots of down time. Today involves moving a friend and playing a bit of DnD, both fun activities. Tomorrow is also not busy, and with only one afternoon ESL class this next week, and it in the final throws of the end of the semester.... dude, life is sweet right now. Now, if only I could get pregnant, I would be singing at the top of my emotional mountain. Lord, bring it on.