Friday, July 11, 2008

This really stinks

Last week, my supervisor observed me teaching. At the follow up, he apologizes for the textbook I was given, that its not really that great, and I shouldn't use it for much more than homework. What?! Now, I'm expected to come up with all my own stuff and I have nothing to work from? Now, this shouldn't bother me as much as it does, but I work much better, faster, and more efficiently when I have something to start with... a textbook is a great thing to start working from.

I've had several classes since that talk, and I've done what I can to pull in other stuff. I've looked and browsed and pondered. I found some things to help the student practice the modals in past tense, the current topic and fun stuff, I must say. And then, on Thursday, after class, a student says to me, "I wasn't sure about taking grammar, but I learned something new today. Thank you. And you are a good teacher." Wow. Talk about making my day. After struggling with the news to not use the textbook and about frizzing over it. Its all working out. That feels good.

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