Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who do I want to be

Next week, I have the whole week off for Thanksgiving. As per normal for Rachael, I started making a list of things I'd like to get done. It always frustrates me that I never quite seem to finish my lists, or that my mind and heart wander off and I do all sorts of other things that are not on my list at all.

In an effort to curb this tendency, I started a new statement about "The Woman I Want To Be...." I figured that if you know where you want to go, you can plan your moves to actually get there. This also is a response to the statement that "self-discipline is remembering what you really want." Its hard to remember something you've never known, so I started thinking about it.

I came up with some pretty nice, general statements, which sum up my desires fairly well. Here they are:
1. a woman who can have people over on a regular basis, someone who others seek out for help and comfort. A woman who has an open door policy.
2. a woman who, not every day, but more often than not produces/has around some yummy goody for family and visitors (cinnamon rolls, scones, etc).
3. a woman who's house stays picked up and clean (see #1), no hot spots, no nasty dirty bits. A woman who keeps up with taking care of things. Her house is lived in, but still comfortable.

Then, this morning, this thought came to my mind: I want to create beautiful things, with food, drawings, words, crafty sorts of things (sewing, x-stitch). I want to DO this, but is this a characteristic of who I am. Who knows, I think a great deal more thought is required before figuring that out.

So, I think I know some of where I want to go, and hopefully my Thanksgiving week To-Do list will support those things. At least now I'm not blindly doing my list without thinking about its purposes.

Though, as I ponder this topic, there are a number of other characteristics that I desire that are not on that list. I might have to expand the list. Maybe that should go on my Thanksgiving week list, also.

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