Thursday, September 23, 2010

In other news....

My previous post was about our new car. Today's post is about something drastically more important, a much bigger change, and the whole reason to get a second car.

Yep, we are now parents. The little one is only 7.7 mm long and it will be 8  more months before we really meet. But we know he/she is there and we are praying for him/her regularly.  Here's the picture we have...

This baby  has been asked for in prayer for 3 years. I know that in the wide scope of things, 3 years isn't that long, but its long enough. We are so thankful to the Lord for this blessing and look forward expectantly to meeting this child.

I'M A MOMMY!!!!!


  1. Yea! A big congratulatory hug and best wishes for your answered prayer.

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Yay Rachael! So excited for you!!!

  3. Ecstatic! I can't wait to hold the new Younger! You must bring the darling back to Lubbock!

    I know God must have great plans for your little one because all the babies mentioned in the Bible as prayed for babies were specially used by God.

    I'm thinking of Psalm 4:6-7. God is gracious!

  4. That's fantastic news!

  5. That is fantastic news! Wouldn't you know it... the first time I check your blog, I find out about this long-awaited prayer request being answered.


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