Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Baggers at the grocery store

Why is it, that when presented with reusable grocery bags, baggers forget how to bag groceries? When using simple plastic bags, they know to put like things together, not to mix meats (especially drippy ones) with other things like produce, to not put eggs into a bag and put things on top of them. Why do they forget these things when they aren't using plastic bags? Its like a reusable grocery bag says "forget all you know about bagging groceries. None of it applies with us."


And if they wonder why I start rearranging the stuff in the bags just as soon as I've checked out... well, if you didn't check your brain when you clocked in, you might figure it out.

End rant.


  1. It is sad that baggers are not taking reusable grocery bags seriously.

  2. Yes, isn't that funny!!!! It makes me crazy, too... LOL I always have to repeat myself MANY times... PLEASE FILL THE BAG RIGHT TO THE TOP - IT'S VERY STRUDY! Baggers seem to like to put as few items as possible in the bags sometimes just 3 or 4 things likely because those plastic ones are so darned flimsy...


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