Monday, August 21, 2006

Job Rejections

I've declared how much I despise job hunting, and now I'm back at square one. I found the job that I *really* wanted and I even got an interview. After the interview, I was sure that this was THE job, the one I wanted; the job that I would excel at and flourish in. I was told I was the last interviewee, and they would be doing call-back interviews Monday and Tuesday. I expected if I made the final pool of applicants, I'd get the call Monday morning. It is now Monday afternoon, and no call. I guess I just didn't cut it... bummer. I know, I know... perhaps they will call Tuesday. I don't think it will happen though. I've let disappointment move in, and I'm dealing with it.

Now I've got to start over and keep looking. Problem is, I have no idea where to start. I've gone through Monstertrak, and a variety of other job-hunting sites. Nothing. I'm not sure who to talk to next. I figure something will come along sometime, but I got to go looking for it first, right?

Alas, it is a dark moment when the light at the end of the job-hunting tunnel winked out, and one must continue their search in the darkness.

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  1. Hey Rocky...thinking of you in the dark tunnel of job searching. May the light dawn bright and beautiful and reveal the perfect job from heaven (if such a thing does in fact exist will you let me know how you found it?) Love ya, Holly


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