Friday, September 22, 2006

More Job Hunting Frustrations


Perhaps it is too early to be frustrated; it has, after all, only been 4 weeks since starting the "I'm really serious about finding work" process. I find a job that I think, "this might work", but as I look further into the job description, I find that I don't have experience, or the right education, or the right credentials.

Perhaps most frustrating is that I think I am most qualified to teach, either language (English, Chinese?) or linguistics, but California has made the process of getting a teaching credential long and difficult. I guess if you start out thinking that you will teach, you can get the right courses, and pick up the credential along the way. But, alas, for those of us that teaching was an after-thought, California is determined to make it about impossible for us to teach, whatever our qualifications might be! There is a good chance that every other state has the same requirements, it just so happens that I happen to be dealing with California right now, and so they get the brunt of my bashing. (yeah, it was my bad to turn down the teaching job in Fullerton, even if it was a bit far away. 'course, hind sight is 20/20.)

What else am I qualified to do? I, unfortuanately, am a "jack of all trades", which means I have dabbled in just about everything, but don't have much depth of experience in anything. Plus, I got tons of theorectical knowedge (but little practical knowledge), and I'd be glad to pass it on, but that requires a credential. Can you hear my sense of frustration oozing out of these words?

I'm sure something will come along eventually. Perhaps I should apply for stuff even if I'm not sure I'm totally qualified. Who knows? Maybe someone will take pity on me and hire me anyways.

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