Saturday, April 19, 2008

2 questions down, 1 to go

My brain feels like fried beans. or scrambled eggs. I'm not exactly sure which, but its definitely mushy.

I took the first part of comprehensive exams today. I had the general question and 1 elective question. I'll get the 2nd elective and follow-up on the general question next Friday, the 25th. I think all went well, though I'm sure there are holes in my answers. Lets just hope the holes are few enough that I'm given a PASS.

The questions weren't as hard as I expected them to be, which was nice. At the same time, they did ask for more than I was sure of, so I fluffed some of the answer. If the prof doesn't notice, that will be good.

Now, to finish preparing for next Friday.... no sweat!

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