Saturday, April 26, 2008

Life Update

Time... continues...

Drat. I'd been hoping it would stop for a bit, just for me.

Anyhoo, I feel the need to post a life update for Pete and I, 'cause much has changed and will continue to change, I'm sure. Neither PhD program Pete applied for took him, so that keeps us here in So. Cal. for a bit longer. He is starting to look for a full time job, but that always starts slowly; neither of us knows where to start. Ideally, he could us his math, physics, astrophysics undergrad background. So, we'll see what God provides.

I am, hopefully, done with comprehensive exams. I sat for the final question on Friday afternoon, though I'm not confident about my answer. Luckily, there is time to re-write that question should it be deemed inadequate.

I am now wondering what to do with myself. I came home from China in May '03, and started this graduate program in Sept '03. This will be the first time in 5 years I won't have some academic pursuit I must finish. Oh, dear. Whatever will I do? I'll have time to read WHATEVER I want to read. I can write those ESL computer lessons I've been thinking about for a month. I can clean to my heart's desire!

"Ha, ha, ha" she cackles evilly. "I could take over the world!"

"Oh, drat" comments her husband.

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