Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grow lights and seedlings

Well, freezing weather suppose to be moving in tonight. I've so enjoyed the warmness, I'm disappointed!

I set up a grow light today. I bought a simple shop light and put together a support with PVC pipe. I probably have too much under the light and not enough light, but it will work for now. I'm about out of gardening budget money!

As you can see, Uncle Chuck's Beans are growing wonderfully. In other pots, I have Habenero and Serrano peppers (found the seeds! YEAH!) in one hanging pot, Mexico Midget Tomatoes in one hanging pot, Cherry Roma Tomatoes in the last hanging pot, Amish Paste Tomatoes in 4 of the cups, Garden Huckleberry in 4 of the cups and 5 different herbs on that flat in the back (its the bottom cardboard sodas came on). Here's to hoping I can do the "from seed" well! If not, I guess I'll buy transplants.

I also got the stuff to make ollas. I plan to make 5 pots, 1 for the 4'x4' plot, and 2 for each 4' x 8' plot. Everyone tells me July and August are just too hot to keep stuff growing, and to plan to just start over in September. I'm hoping the ollas will make it possible to do *something* in July and August. But we'll see, it will be my first full summer here.

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