Thursday, January 21, 2010

to raise the beds or not to raise the beds?

That is the question. The soil is so heavy with clay, I'm wondering if it will be just tons of work getting it more plantable if I'm just digging down. The side yard is "heavy" with sand, maybe I can steal some from there and put the clay stuff back there, to even it all out some. Maybe I will just line the garden with some boards that are already out back, define the borders and still aim to just dig down and move a bunch of the dirt out to make room for some good stuff.

Wal-mart had all their bags of dirt, manure, etc out in a fenced area in the parking lot. I guess this is the time to start getting the beds ready! My beans, in the newspaper pots, are sprouting, as are the pepper plants. I lost the seeds for Habenero and Serrano peppers that I saved sometime in our move. Real bummer. I might have to spring for some seeds.

:::sigh:::: if only I had more time and money! Oh, well, do with what ya got -- probably the best advice.

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