Sunday, July 04, 2010

As a thankful American

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Today, we celebrate our independence as a nation. Whatever I might think of the current politics, whether I agree with what current or past leaders have done and decided, I'm proud of my country. I recognize that the freedoms we have are not unique to the United States, and some places might be better at some aspect or another. Nonetheless, this is my home.

I'm thankful that I can start a garden in my back yard because I want to. I'm thankful that when Hubby graduates from this PhD program, we get to decide where to apply for a professorship. I'm thankful that we got to look around at a variety of houses and choose the one that we liked best and that we will get to do the same when we next move. I'm thankful for my wonderful Hubby who supports me in my many hobbies, and puts up with my various idiosyncrasies. I'm thankful that I can choose to fly, or drive, or take a bus, to visit my family and in-laws... pretty much when ever I want and my schedule allows. I'm thankful for a school that lets me take initiative to write curriculum maps and chose curriculum for the classes I teach. I'm thankful that I get to chose what church I want to go to (and around her we have lots to choose from -- good or bad, hmmm... a bit of both, I think) and I have the freedom to go, enjoy worship, learn from the sermon without fear of reprisals.

I could go on; life has been good to me recently and I'm feel very much on top. But that is for another post.

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