Saturday, July 03, 2010

My struggles with Standards Based Grading

I love the idea of Standards Based Grading (SBG). I love the look of the implementation, what it will do for me, and what it will do for my students. But some of it is daunting, much of that is related to the creation of assessments and defining the standards. That requires making decisions. I'm not a good decision maker.

I've been working from Always Formative, Think Thank Thunk, and MeTA Musings trying to learn about SBG and think through how my classes will work. I've worked up several topics for each class and creating the topic scales, but creating assessments is a bit more daunting. I think once I get going, I'll be able to create the questions I need, but I'm not good at this sort of thing. I need to see something, an example, to get me going.

At this point, I feel rather overwhelmed. I know, in my head, it will get worked out. Right now, I want to work on it, but I'd rather work on other stuff. Ah, well, there will be time come August (that's when pre-school inservice starts).

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