Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hardships: coffee and tomatoes

So far, the greatest hardship of pregnancy has been giving up coffee. I really miss coffee. I'm sure I will start back with decaff towards the end of the pregnancy, but that seems so far away right now.

And it frosted last night. Not much, just a tad on the car windshield. I just hope the tomato flowers survived! I know tomatoes don't like it too chilly. Ah, well, I know I was taking quite the risk planting them as late as I did.  I know better for next year. I thought it was awfully chilly getting up this morning and the windows weren't even open (glad they weren't!). I should get out later today and check and water everything. From the window, the garden still looks good; I don't think it got all that cold last night. As it was only the car windshield with any ice on it, I'm guessing that it frosted up higher in the atmosphere and landed on the car, but that the ground is warm enough that won't near freezing for many more weeks (if at all before the new year).

In other news, I heard baby's heartbeat at the doctor on Thursday. About 156 beats per minutes, Doc said. I had been thinking we could find out the baby's gender at the next appointment, but I learned this time that the sonogram for checking out baby's anatomy and such is a separate appointment -- sometime the week of Dec 6 (they will call me to set up the appointment). Bummer! We will have to wait an extra 2 weeks! Ah, well, we will still know before Christmas.

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