Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Would anyone have an extra time I could use? I'm running short these days and would really like a bit extra to tide me over. I've found that after allotting a full measure of time to sleeping (otherwise, I'm miserable and those around me are likely miserable because of me), and the other things I MUST do (mostly school stuff), I don't have much left over to do the things I really love to do. I promise to treat your time gently, and will return it in as excellent a shape as you loaned it to me.

Alas, I wish I could borrow or buy additional time. Lately, I've felt like my time is filled with all those things that MUST be done... dishes, cooking, grocery shopping, school work (grading, lesson planning) and sleeping. I have knitted in a few weeks, I'd like to do some sewing. I'd love to knit socks, but feel like I should finish the sweater first, but who knows when that will happen. I'm really looking forward to the week of Thanksgiving, I get the whole week off (after a Saturday inservice).  But I know I will need to grocery shop, cook and clean, though I'm hoping that these things don't swamp my time.

I have ideals of having time to do more than just what MUST be done next summer and next year (I'll be part time next year), but perhaps that is a naive illusion? I'm sure I will find out!


PS. It started raining yesterday, that might be contributing to my mood.


  1. I remember working with my first pregnancy.. exhaustion crept up on me and I'd find myself snoozing at lunch (head down on desk). There's just never enough time in a day .. but I think it's like that for most women .. working outside and inside the home. Remember POWER NAPS :)

  2. power naps -- I can do power naps, the hard part is stopping long enough to get one! Thank you Mrs. Mac, I needed that reminder.

  3. I think I know a little of what you mean. I have so much to do I want to go hide in my closet and hope it gets done. Unfortunately that doesn't work too well. ;) As my mom says, "Just do the next thing."

  4. I remember being so tired during the first few months of pregnancy, I never thought I would survive. But then I bounced back, down the road, and went the opposite direction! Don't forget, you are growing someone and that takes lots of energy. I think it's the Lords way to remind us to slow down and enjoy our gift. Best to you, Elaine


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