Friday, March 25, 2011

the rough side of teaching

Even the roughest days dealing with unruly kids is nothing compared to cramming in trying to get grades done for the end of a quarter.  I've spent this week grading like crazy and all free time today entering grades, attendance, skills and subject summaries. Blah, paper work stinks. At least I got to watch X-men and X-2 while doing all this entering. :P

Tomorrow is game day! Yea! I like role playing, its a ton of fun,
and occasionally, we build towers of minis. And its not even our time for snacks. :D

On the positive side, today was a good day with the kids, and the baby-belly check went well. All is on track for a healthy baby and healthy mommy. Baby is moving like there is no tomorrow, and occasionally gets me in a painful spot. Its more than before, but still not too bad.

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