Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stealing Food

I am a sucker when Peanut asks for something, especially food. I try hard to be strong, to be more stubborn than he is, when he wants something that I know isn't good, or won't benefit him in the long run. Of course, there are those grey areas that I wonder, is this worth the fight? I suspect this is just apart of parenthood.

And then there are times when Peanut just takes what he wants...

Woo-hoo, a table to smack!

Mommy, what do you have? It looks yummy!

I want one, too. No, I don't care that I can't chew up a mushroom, I still want one.

You are so mean, Mommy! I wanted that. See, Grampa doesn't think there was anything wrong with it. Why can't I have it?

With the Grandparents in town, we went out to eat one evening. I, being the Mommy, got to choose where we went. And even though we are picking up the largest amount of beef we've ever purchased in one go this Friday, I wanted a steak. So, off to Logan's we went.

Generally, Peanut eats from my plate, whether we are eating in or out. Just makes life easier. Of course, we are also reaching a time when Peanut can't eat half my dinner (and leave me hungry), and will happily grab what he wants. However hot or spicy it might be. He really doesn't seem to mind spicy, anyways.

I had some grilled mushrooms (yum!), and gave Peanut half of one. Apparently, unlike most other things, mushrooms can't be mushed successfully without teeth. And even though Peanut has a set of pre-molars emerging as we speak, he was not successful at eating the half of mushroom. "sorry, buddy, no more mushrooms. Here, have a grilled zucchini." He liked the zucchini, but liked the mushroom even more.

That's when he grabbed. He just reached over and snagged a mushroom off my plate.  Between Hubby and I, we were fast enough to keep him from stuffing it into his mouth (plus, it was still hot!), but it became a running battle.... keep food in front of Peanut to keep him from grabbing food off my plate.  Goodness.

The child is an eating machine. And his mother is a wuss and is willing to share her meals without hesitation. Now, I just have to learn to take more food so that I don't go hungry. :P

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  1. wow - the little guy is growing up. Miss you guys! - Tim


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