Thursday, March 18, 2010

down time? what's that?

Life has not slowed down for me. I got all my grades and such done at school (end of quarter), which helps school business. But at home, I've constantly have something to do. Its all good stuff, and I figure it will keep getting busier until school lets out at the end of May. If the sun is up, I want to be outside, building my raised beds. If the sun is down, I'm inside knitting (really enjoying it!). There is always kitchen duties (cooking, cleanup) or laundry waiting to be done. I am an intense Flybaby ( and preach her teachings regularly. Its time for me to really start hunkering down and following the system. The first and main thing that means, is getting dressed to my shoes first thing in the morning (oh, gosh, I love my pjs! Here I am in my pjs at the dining room table typing.) Drat, habit changes....

Pictures always make my day....


Insulation Team

Blowing in insulation is dirty work....

but it prompts gestures of love from hubby.

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