Friday, March 26, 2010

Sugar Glider Update

Its been days since adding to my online journal, and I don't see having much more free time over the next few days, so here is a quick update --

Sugar gliders: for little guys they have an impressive aroma, which isn't so nice at first. I think it was fear, because that not-so-nice aroma has dissipated, luckily. The students are just crazy about him, and I might bring him home for the weekend. These dudes are nocturnal, so I'm not sure I want him around the house at night. And then there is Hank. When I've brought Sucralose's sleeping bags home to wash (that's the sugar glider, he likes to burrow in these cloth bags), Hank will dig the bags out of my school bag and sniff-sniff-sniff for what seems to be ages. Sucralose might just get to hang out at school for the weekend.

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