Friday, November 19, 2010

November slump | brain open now

November slump | brain open now

One of my google reader "friends" (unsure what else to call him, though he is also a coworker) shared this link today. However, if you aren't a teacher, you won't likely find the post all that interesting.

I believe I am in a slump, a November slump since it is November, but I think my slump is from being busy and tired and feeling like I have too much to do. I hope/plan to be proactive over the Thanksgiving break to remedy this. Goals include:

1. Lots of sleep to regain control over the sinuses.
2.Lots of sleep to just feel better in general.
3. Host a fun Thanksgiving with the family coming in town.
4. Get more sleep to be ready for the 3 week run to Christmas Holiday.

Sound reasonable?

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