Saturday, April 02, 2011

April Goals

It seems only reasonable that April goals should include a great deal of baby preparation, as he is due Mid-May. I'm working hard to keep in my mind that he could come plus or minus 2 weeks of that due day of May 12 -- as early as April 28 or as late as May 26. Ambiguity tends to stresses me, so I'm working hard to not think about it too much. Nonetheless, seems only reasonable to aim to have all ready this month.
We are well stocked with baby boy clothes. All borrowed and hand-me-downs. Bummer is many of them are for cooler weather, not the 90s+ that hit in May and June. 

Thus, I need to....
1. pack my bag and Hubby's bag for the hospital stay.
2. set up the pack and play or borrow a bassinet from a friend. (got some options here, crib is optional till baby is a tad older)
3. make sure we have either flats (diapers) or other options for those first few days. We are thinking to use disposables till the meconium phase is past, due to its tar-like nature (so I've heard). But, I don't expect to get much sewing done in those days, so I plan to have some cloth options ready before baby is born.
4. put all the paper filing back into the closet, even if its not p*rfect. I think having the nursery floor mostly clear will be good.
5. Put up curtains in the nursery... or will the bright sunlight not bother baby?

Specific goals to work on....
1. Keep going with zone cleaning. I divided the house into zones and wrote out some cleaning goals for each zone.
2. Get baby goals done.

I've seen urbanknits April goals. Do you have any monthly goals? Updates for earlier established goals?


  1. I don't think the merconium sticks around for that long (only a couple days). However, the first couple weeks after Huck was born are a bit of a blur to me. Also, the hospital might send you home with enough disposables to get you past that point.

  2. Yes, I should have a diaper stash put together this month (before baby comes). Somehow, sewing amidst a blur doesn't sound very productive, and who knows what would get churned out.


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