Friday, March 30, 2012

Cows and walking (well, not really walking)

Its been a fun couple of days. Busy, for sure. Hubby was gone last weekend to a philosophy conference, and this weekend to a men's retreat with our church. Its been a crazy few days as he catches up from the loss of last weekend and gets ahead to cover the loss of this weekend.

Of course, we also purchased some cow.

And Peanut decided to pull up and 'cruise' all at once.

Purchased some cow, you say? How, why? How much cow? We noticed this quite little meat market looking place on our drives to school, and finally stopped in to see what it was all about. "Yes", the sweet lady said, "you can buy a quarter of a cow, or a half of a cow. In fact, a family just last Sunday picked up their whole cow that they ordered. That was 600 some odd pounds of beef." We didn't want that much, but a quarter would be fun. So we went home and did some research and went back yesterday to do the actual ordering. So, on Friday, April 13, we should be picking up our cow bits... well, beef. I am looking forward to getting to eat more beef.

Yesterday, while working in the kitchen, I hear a noise that prompts me to check on Peanut. And there he is ON TOP of the plastic bin that is acting a barrier. I didn't get a picture then, but I got two this morning (yes, blurry, because Peanut no stop moving!)

Oh, dear. Life changes again.

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  1. I've been talking to Mary about buying part of a cow (their neighbor's cows range on their property). I'll let you know if we do!


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