Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pink Thingy Campground

For our first night in Yosemite, we stayed at a campground just outside the park. It was a nice campground, not too crowded, close to the park. The lady in charge suggested a trail to the creek, a small waterfall and a swimming hole. We thought it sounded nice, it was early, so we found the trail and wandered along. It was very nice, easy to follow, and very peaceful; until we reached the waterfall. And there, perched prominatly on a log was a florestent pink intimate play toy. Who brings such things to the great outdoors?! Why leave it on the log next to the waterfall and swimming hole?! We debated... do we take it back so it can be properly thrown away? How do we dispose of this... thing?

We finally decided to set it off in the bushes, so that at least if any families came by the kids won't be asking, "Daddy, what's that?" Hopefully, it will be lost forever.

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