Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rachael's Plan Nothing Day

I decided to give myself a "plan nothing day" (PND) for when I finished my last class, and I could have a day to chill. I have found that is very difficult and near impossible to maintain.

Originally, we had plans for Saturday afternoon with friends, so I declared Friday the PND. Within two days, we had a dinner invitation for Friday to friends' house which, honestly, is far more important than my having a PND. Within a day, the Saturday afternoon activity had been cancelled, so the PND scheduled for Saturday. I'd rather have a week day PND, but weekend PND is better than none. Thursday evening, I get a call from a friend to hand out on Saturday. Friends always trump the PND. Then, Friday evening, another dinner invitation with other friends who are crazy busy, which definitely trump PND.

Alas, I will try again to schedule a PND, sometime soon, definitely mid-week.

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