Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday mornings

Saturday mornings are so
beautiful and lazy,
cool and refreshing,
slow and enticing,
warm and comforting,
and a whole bunch of other words that I can't think of right now.

Often, I wake up on a Saturday morning, with the feeling that I've got a lot to do, and got to get it done because work starts again soon. Then, with a flash of thought, I realize, WAIT, its only Saturday, and Sunday comes between today and Monday. How beautiful is that thought? Then, as I let my eyes wander to the calendar and realize there isn't that much to do today, my heart begins to leap. Yesterday involved gettting the sister & bro-in-law off to the airport and laundry; lots of down time. Today involves moving a friend and playing a bit of DnD, both fun activities. Tomorrow is also not busy, and with only one afternoon ESL class this next week, and it in the final throws of the end of the semester.... dude, life is sweet right now. Now, if only I could get pregnant, I would be singing at the top of my emotional mountain. Lord, bring it on.

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