Monday, December 13, 2010

And its a ....

Can you guess? Today, was the ultrasound to look at anatomy, and we got 8 pictures of our little boy. He's a cutie!

Here you can see him from the side quite well, with his little hands up around his head.

We saw his arms, legs, face, fingers, feet, heart, ribs, spine and numerous other bits and pieces. We also have a very clear picture of his boys parts that I just can find in my heart to post.  I've started to feel him move, and each day I feel a bit more; I'm utterly thrilled at the movements I feel. I know, I know, I'll get tired of it at some point, but I'm not starting there, and I'll stay in the utterly thrilled stage just as long as I can.


  1. Yay!!! You're right, he is soooo cute! I think that you'll enjoy feeling him move for a long time. When my piano teacher was pregnant with her third child, she treasured all his movements even into the third trimester.

    Do you talk and/or sing to your baby boy?

  2. I do talk to baby every now and then, but I've not started singing to him. Except perhaps when I'm just singing.

  3. Dear Rachael,
    How wonderful! What a precious little guy!
    SO happy for you!
    Stay well,


  4. Congratulations Rachel!

    I saw you over on Rhonda Jean's blog and your comment tipped me off that you were in Texas. The HEB, I used to shop there when I was in school at UT almost 20 years ago! Brought back memories.....


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