Thursday, December 30, 2010

To resolute or not to resolute: January

With the new year upon us in a day, I've been thinking about possible resolutions or goals for 2011. I have so many ideas and they are all such BIG ideas, its overwhelming and I'm not sure I can find the level of detail for them all to satisfy my need. I try very hard to create goals for myself that are (1) reasonable, (2) measurable, and (3) framed in a time period. So far my ideas include such things as.... (but not limited to...)

(a) do more knitting and crocheting with some specific ideas and goals
(b) develop and establish good routines for good household management
(b) get the herb garden going
(c) plan the summer/fall garden

Unfortunately, these are not measurable, there's no time frame (for some of them) and I'm doubtful such broad and sweeping goals are reasonable (especially a & b). So, I'm thinking to break down the goals into monthly goals. That's what flylady does after all, so it must work at some level. I can figure out what is reasonable for the month (1 or 2 things), I have a month to focus on that habit/goal and with fewer items I can add the detail I desire.

So, for January 2011... my goals are:

(a) Finish the "February Lady Sweater". I've only got the sleeves left, even if I am feeling frustrated with them.
(b) figure out or develop and establish good kitchen habits, including sorting out the pantry regularly, cleaning out the fridge regularly, and do a menu weekly (with shopping list). I am not too far from the weekly menu and shopping list (it happens on most weeks), but the other two need work. My pantry is scary to look in right now and the fridge needs some wiping down.

How do others handle new year resolutions? Do you establish year long goals for yourself, and if so, do you keep and obtain them?

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