Saturday, January 29, 2011

February Goals

Since we are only 2 (3?) days from February, I figure its about time to start thinking about next month's goals.  Its too early to put out anything but winter veggies, so no garden goals yet. Those will come in March. However, I do have some yard ideas.  Okay, here goes!

(a) Finish the Crazy Colored Dr. Who Scarf (no choice, really, the Gala is Feb 26)
(b) Finish Feb Lady Sweater
(c) Plan/start baby sewing and knitting (with some specific goals for what to finish and win)
(c) Maintain a semblance of kitchen care routine
(d) Add routines for the bathrooms:
            Swish and Swipe regularly (every other day?)
            Twice a month (once a month?) deeper cleaning -- floors, bath tube, and shower curtain
(e) Start a yard-care routine
            Pull weeds 20 minutes a week (I need to get outside more, anyways)
            Plan spring plantings, herbs, flowers
            Clean up perennials (cut back, etc)

More than Jan, but I found it pretty easy to work on Jan's goals and am ready for a bit more. I'm getting the hang of full time teaching and getting some routines established for school (or semblance of routines!).  And now I'm off to finish my various Saturday tasks!

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