Saturday, January 01, 2011

Looking Back at 2010

I love the chance to sit down and ponder what has happened, to reminisce and to plan out and dream of the future. The new year is a good time to do that, I think, though it should, perhaps, happen more often.

2010 started out with us adopting Hank. We actually brought him home the afternoon of Dec 31, 2009, but that's close enough. Jan and Feb brought one of the coldest winters I've experienced in a long time (I don't think visiting in-laws in Wisconsin really counts... its only visiting), and one of the coldest winters Waco has had in many years. In the midst of the snow, Hubby drove to DFW (2 hrs in normal conditions!) to fly to Wisconsin for Grampa's funeral. We tried out grass-fed beef about that time and raw milk. I made yogurt that was quite good even plain and we found grass-fed beef was very yummy.

That spring brought the in-laws down with furniture and help for insulating the attic, which was sorely needed. And I got my garden really going. I did lots of digging in the mud that winter and early spring, as I put out lettuce, onions and carrots. The lettuce is what did really well. When it warmed up, I put out huckleberries (big bomb), tomatoes and peppers. I learned that the sun comes from the south and to not put the tomatoes south of the sweet peppers (shade and such).

I finished my first year of teaching in May and Hubby started reading for his first round of comprehensive exams. Summer was stressful for him, but he finished very successfully (good grades!). I worked on the garden, knitted (which I learned over spring break of 2010), and .... well, I'm sure I did more to fill my time but I can't think of it now. June was our 4 year anniversary (gosh, really 4 years? seems like 1 or 2). And July was our one year anniversary of living in Waco in our very own house, that was fun to ponder and think on.

I started teaching full time in August and we got pregnant in August. Two BIG whammies at once, both good, but lots of adjustment. Of course, the big benefit of working full time is the full time salary.

I got the fall garden going at the end of August, which did wonderfully, but was lost at the Thanksgiving freeze. My timing will change for next fall.

In September, we purchased the Land Shark (car), which transformed us into a 2 car family. Even now, we still live like a 1 car family, but the second car is there if we need it. October brought Huck along, the nephew, and November brought an awesome Thanksgiving. Of course, much of late October and November are tainted by the sinus infection, but even that negative is overshadowed by the positive blessings.

The first big of December was mostly surviving till the Christmas holiday, honestly. I think this is recent enough that it is still strong in my mind. And I made it, I survived. Not totally sure how, but I did! December brought the news that the baby was a boy and thus a name: Samuel*. We drove the Land Shark up to Wisconsin for Christmas, which was nearly unbelievable more comfortable than driving the Anaconda. We really  had no idea what we were missing.... but now we do. Christmas was cold, which I believe is quite normal that far north :P, and a good time. We saw Hubby's grandparents, many aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins and his parents (of course, we did stay with them!). I started feeling Samuel really move and some very distinct kicks and/or punches. We stayed with my grandparents on the drive up and which meant we saw all 4 living grandparents. We are so very thankful for this, as Hubby's grandfather passed away the other night; it was not too very unexpected, but brings such sadness nonetheless.

New Year's eve had me in bed asleep by 10 pm; staying up just doesn't appeal to me any more. Hubby came in much later and said "Happy New Year!". I replied in my sleepy voice, "is it after midnight?" He had been enraptured by an audio book (the first in the Wheel of Time series) and had stayed up to finish it.

2011 has brought a bright sunny morning for me, a cup of hot chocolate and a desire to ponder. In all, 2010 was full of blessings -- more than we could have ever asked for in a single year. In fact, 2009 and 2010 brought blessings and opportunities that we'd been praying for since 2006, and its been overwhelming to consider them all. But consider them, I will! Sadly, 2010 brought the passing of 2 grandparents, both on Hubby's side. We both know this is the way of life and we will say goodbye to the remaining grandparents, our parents and each other some day, but it is always sad to think of such things.

The hopes and dreams of 2011 will come in a second post after breakfast, getting dressed for the day and playing with the kitty some.

If you have 2010 reminisces, I'd love to read them, please put a link in a comment. I consider this a worthy activity, and I'd encourage you to think back through the year. You will likely find things you need to change, things you need to mourn and things to rejoice in. All are good things to find.

*His name is Samuel because he was asked of from the Lord. (1 Sam 1:20)


  1. You should include pictures...mostly because I love looking at you!

  2. I thought about pictures, but then got writing and forgot about them. Maybe I'll do another picture style reflection on 2010. Hank, garden progress.... oh, yes, might be fun!


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