Tuesday, January 04, 2011

School back in session

Well, school starts back tomorrow. I really don't feel prepared, and I'm already feeling behind. But, I must remember that I can keep up. I did while being so tired from first trimester fatigue and that has passed. I'm feeling much more energetic, even with a shorter night's sleep. A good friend is in town, staying with us, and we were up late talking. She is a night owl, big time, and I love a good conversation. Bad combination when I've got to get up early.

I've been keeping my sink shiny for 2 nights now. I know this isn't much of a habit yet, but its a start. I had my week's menu done by Sunday, grocery run done on Monday and I've done well with dinner's this week so far. A good start, I think!

Not much done on the sweater, though. Gonna have to get started, and soon, if I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the month. It odd how intertwined all of life is. To have more time to knit, I've got to use my time at school well and get school tasks done there. Oh, the discipline required!

In other news, I got a new pillow! Its huge! I'll get a picture up soon, I promise.

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  1. I can imagine you'd have to be pretty disciplined to get all/most of your school work/chores done in the class to keep up with your homemaking/gardening/knitting goals. It's amazing when you add a baby to the mix .. at the beginning you wonder how people with three or four kids can keep up .. when the first one can be exhausting to a new parent .. somehow stuff gets done and you expand your horizons about expectations and priorities. You have a level head and will be a wonderful mother.


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