Saturday, January 01, 2011

Hopes and Dreams for 2011

Part 2 -- The fun part!

Reminiscing about the past is always good and profitable, but dreaming about the future is fun. It is, I think, profitable, as it gives a person something to aim and work towards, but it is also and enjoyable endeavor.

I foresee the spring staying busy. I'm teaching full time through May, when Samuel is due. But I hope to develop and maintain some good housekeeping routines. Other things I want to do more of include baking bread, knitting, and crocheting.

This summer will also be busy. Samuel is due May 12, just as Hubby is starting to read for his second, and last, round of comprehensive exams. There will be lots of adjusting and learning, I'm sure, for both of us. With a new baby, I'm not sure what new things I'll be able to add in, so all of this is held lightly. I'd like to hang out our laundry and see how much it saves us on electricity. I'd like to do more around the house, in the garden, sewing and do-it-yourself projects.

Next fall, I'm planning a garden. I learned a lot about timing this year, and plan to have the tomatoes in the ground by the beginning of July. I decided to not do a spring garden, as full time teaching and a coming baby might be too much; I just don't know. I am going to/hoping to have a small herb garden going by summer, though.

I want to really get our possessions down to what we use and need, and declutter the rest. Both Hubby and I are pack rats, and this will be difficult, but a necessary good.

I want to work in the yard more, making it a place where Samuel can run and play. I'd like to get the back porch such that its a comfortable place to sit and drink a hot mug of coffee or hot chocolate or tea and chat or just think or just enjoy the outdoors.

All of this points to my desire to make my home a warm and comfortable place of rest and refreshment. I want our home to be a place where Samuel wants to bring his friends and we can have friends over for a bit of fellowship occasionally.  All this means having good routines and not procrastinating about getting things done. I hope this year will result in a few baby steps towards this goal.

And you? Do you have hopes for 2011? Not just resolutions, but dreams?

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  1. You have so much excitement in the coming months with the preparation and arrival of Samuel. Your dreams seem reasonable with a new baby. Happy New Year


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