Friday, May 06, 2011

I'm still here!

Nope, no baby yet... just staying very busy with getting ready for baby, catching up and getting ahead with school work and general laziness.



I've gotten a good bit of sewing in over the past few weeks. I cut out a slew of diapers from the fleece and made a crib organizer from three of Hubby's old shirts. I'm ready to get started with cutting the diapers from the PUL, but I've got to catch up on all that grading for school and getting some 'plan ahead' work done (like get the final for Biology written!). Baby is moving lots, and taking up tons of room, and everyone at school looks at me each morning and says "you're still here?". My students keep asking, "when will your baby be born?" as if I have the magic date that I've kept secret for all these months. Its quite humorous the questions they will start asking when their young minds get going.


Just yesterday, I went to pick up my 6th grade class from Art, and something made me laugh. The girls noticed that my belly moved when I laughed and so they laughed, which made me laugh all the more! This went on for 30 to 45 seconds, when I finally said to Ms. Art Teacher "I will just keep laughing and they will keep laughing, so I'm leaving. Send them on when they are ready". I knew none of us would get it together to walk nicely in the hallway if we all kept laughing!

And of course, we think Hank knows that something is up and changing... but we wonder how much he understands. He does tend to follow me around more, and stay close to me; its quite funny. He still hasn't figured out the belly and how to snuggle on my lap with it...

But the poor kitty sure tries!

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  1. more for the babiearium! handmade diapers are amazing, and also freak me out. i'm really intrigued to hear how it goes.

    i love the mental image of all that laughter!


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