Friday, May 27, 2011

A week home and 9 days old

I knew life would change with a baby, and perhaps I even got the extent somewhat correct, but I was no where near on the details. Well, I was mostly off on the extent.  I never imagined how nursing every 2 to 3 hours takes so much time, especially when you have a child who nurses rather leisurely. He does not eat merely out of necessity, but seems to savor it. But then, maybe that is newborn thing -- he's the only one I have to observe at the moment.

He's a rather happy and content baby, which is nice. Perhaps payback for the long labor ending in c-section?  Naw, just the way of things, I think.  We've had a few "rough" spots, which really only means Mommy is taking too long to get around to nursing. Although, this morning he has been up since 5:30 or so, and if put down wakes up. It has made for a rough morning -- I wonder if he's hit a growth spurt or some such. He wants to eat every hour or so, is fussy, wants to be held.  Luckily, he's finally gone to sleep and is sleeping on Daddy's chest while Mommy gets a few moments of eating ice cream. Its amazing what I can do one handed, and Baby is small enough that I can comfortably carry him in one arm (as long as he isn't striving to look around, then his head will go wildly swinging and diving as he tries to lift and balance -- its very cute, but a tad dangerous for the holder).

Sorry no picture today. I need to get a comparison pic soon, as I know he will grow and suddenly he won't be my little baby any more.

Op -- there is he is, letting us know he is unhappy about something.


  1. Those first few days & weeks are just one big feeding & sleeping cycle it seems. Sometimes I would get so mixed up as to what the crying was signaling. I tried to keep a schedule of sorts, but it went out the window and I fed on demand in the end. Finally, after a couple months, feeding became 3-4 hourly....and longer stretches at night eventually!

    One of our babies took a "dummy" (South African for "pacifier") and the other one didn't....I always say that I was his "dummy". If he wasn't sucking, then it was movement he wanted (we paced all over the house)--once on a trans-Atlantic flight at age 4 mos, he was screaming so much (colic) that the stewardesses said "would you like to sit with us?" Once his little "carry cot" was positioned over the rumble of the airplane's engine where the cabin crew was located, baby went right to sleep. Don't know who was happier--me or the rest of the passengers!

  2. Congratulations on your baby's birth .. and I bet you are happy to be home settling in. Savor every moment .. it seems you blink and they grow up all too fast.


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