Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sewing of all sorts

I'm on a sewing kick (and knitting has been set aside, perhaps this summer?). Diapers are a major project, and still in the works. Today, I got through putting together a wrap (for baby wearing) and two soakers.

I found my traditional sewing weights, the coasters, were too big for the pieces, thus my use of tomato paste cans. These were small enough to fit the little-bitty pieces. 

The red one is made from a cashmere sweater I bought at a garage sale last year... for a quarter! It did have a hole in it, thus the patch in the crotch. The yellow one is of fleece, from an old fleece I'd worn camping many, many times. Its a grungy yellow that won't wash back to the bright yellow it once was... so its been transformed. Since the sweater is stretchy, I made it according to the instructions, but the fleece isn't so stretchy, so I added elastic in the waist and legs. We'll see how well it works. 

My next project, amidst the diapers, is to make a pillow case for the monster pregnancy pillow. The current case is a major pain to get on and off, its fitted very closely to the pillow. 

Both pictures are the state after 5 minutes of struggling with the case. Another 5 and it was on, but its hard work and I get sweaty doing it. Somehow, putting a pillow case on a pillow shouldn't get me sweaty, I don't think.  I'm thinking a soft cotton in bright colors, from the $2/yd bin at wally-world. I think I'll need a good 5 yards or so, its a big pillow. 

Now, its only 8 pm, I wonder how I should use the rest of my evening?

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  1. Put your feet up with a good book. Or take a bubble bath. There won't be much time for such luxuries when baby comes. But, if you must, you can organise something in the house like a cupboard/closet/box of things, cook ahead for the freezer, send emails/Skype texts or read blogs. Hey, on second thought, I could do any or all of the above! :)


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