Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two days post due date...

I have to keep reminding myself that the 'due date' is an estimate that should more rightly be called a 'due month'. Here I am two days after my own calculated due date, and feeling quite impatient. All the 'false starts' are a tad frustrating as well. Message to my physical self:  "lets get this party going!"

Baby has filled the given space, and there isn't much more to be found. Its like a tug-a-war... he wants more space, but my belly won't get much bigger. At least I hope not!

Need a reference point.... here's one.

Seems like each evening Baby will try punching and kicking his way out, and I keep telling him, I need chemical signals, not physical ones. Hopefully, he will get the message in the next day or two (the sooner, the better, I think).

There has been an interesting change in Hank (the kitty). He seems 'protective' of me. He has always made sure to settle down where he can see both Hubby and I if at all possible, but of late, it seems he is always in the same room as I. He has always liked sleeping on my hair, and lately he hunkers himself down at the top of my very large pregnancy pillow.

He usually follows me when I'm up in the middle of the night, as well. Its a tad creepy sometimes, but nice to have the company who doesn't need any light to get around :P.

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  1. You look fabulous! Babies come in their own sweet time, and it's hard to wait. I've had several overdue babies and it is frustrating when all you want to do is hold your baby, NOW! Hang in there, his/your time will come very soon!


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