Saturday, May 05, 2012

A crappy evening

Yes, yes... I feel like an unbelievable dork, and a horrible mother. I know its not the worse thing that could happen, but its so downright gross that's it hard to imagine something grosser.

This evening, Peanut is crawling around, having fun... when... oh, its bad... we find he has something... brown... all over his hands and ... really gross... around his mouth.

Yep... he found a poopy diaper I'd left in the bathroom to deal with at a later point. I'll let you imagine from here, no need to provide details. But then, that might be worse.

blah... shiver... shake... can it get any grosser!

We got him cleaned up. We washed his hands with soap. We washed his face, with soap. We "irrigated" his mouth (not with soap). I got him to brush his teeth, with toddler safe toothpaste to encourage him to actually use the brush end (he has a tendancy to just chew on the handle end of the brush).

This makes me think of a friend who found her toddler boy in the bathroom, using his hand to drink from the toilet. When he saw her, his mom, he started drinking faster.

Baby's just have no sense of "gross", do they?

No picture of that, because that's just gross.


  1. HAHAHAHA!! I'm sorry that is awful...but...HAHAHAHA!! Julian has come up to each of us more than once with brown on his fingers and says, "Mommy/Daddy, what's this??" Fortunately he has never tasted least that I know of. As I've said before, he has sampled the litter out of the litter box though...which is why the laundry room with the litter boxes now has a cat door in it and we keep the laundry room door locked.

  2. I hate to tell you this ... but boys sometimes drink out of the gutter too. It builds immunity??? Dogs eat their own brown stuff ??? I'm sure Peanut will survive this and many more gross moments. Parenting can be a wild ride :)

  3. Oh..... that's so gross!!!!! All of my own children at one point or another got their poopy diapers off and did some painting (including faces) of some sort...



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