Sunday, May 13, 2012

Reflections on Motherhood

Since its Mother's Day, I figure its a most appropriate day for this post. Its been brewing in my mind for several days, so here's to hoping to pans out to be all that I hope for it to be!

Motherhood Expectations

I has this vague idea, before Peanut was born that I when I would find myself home full time, I'd have time to be roaring successful at being a stay-at-home-mom. That included things like vacuum once (or maybe twice!) a week, sweep the floor each week, dust occasionally, cook dinner each night, and still have time to do a bit of sewing, gardening and other "domestic" style things.

When Peanut was little-bitty, I had a bit more time to do these things.

Now, I don't!

I don't have any real complaints. Yeah, I get a little frustrated when I myself stepping on powdered muffin in the dinning room. But much of the time I *could* be sweeping the floor is given to... blogging, checking email, playing with Peanut, gardening, chasing Peanut down, or re-directing Peanut's interest into something better than plugs and electrical outlets.

This is fairly normal Mommy time struggles, and I figure I'll be laid back and chill about it. Afterall, if I was to get all worked up, would it make anything better? But I also find it interesting, and this is a tad self-centric, I'm just like all the other mothers out there. (yes, yes, I'm wonderfully unique, just like everyone else**)

I'm enjoying today. Its been a fun day. My Dad and his wife left this morning, after a whirlwind trip down for Peanut's birthday party yesterday. I got chocolate at church and a long nap at home.

Now I'm off to sweep up the muffin powder Peanut left for me after his afternoon snack.

Loving the window. Longing for outside.

**don't hear me being too serious on this. I'm just reacting to today's culture trying make sure everyone has a 'good self-image'. I got strengths and I got weaknesses, lets be honest and forthright about them.

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