Friday, May 04, 2012

Personal Reflection: Am I really a tightwad?

So, the other day, Want What You Have asked for readers to write out their own frugal story and email it to her. She will feature someone's story on Fridays. I was interested in writing up my own story, but then I started thinking, "Am I really a tightwad?"

This thought process has been complicated as I read my two Tightwad Gazettes (books 1 and 2) as I realize how many ways I've drifted from my tightwad habits.

For example, I thought it would be fun to have a small kid's pool for Peanut to play in. I went to Walmart and bought one. I did not garage sale for it, nor did I even look at a thrift shop.

On the other hand, I made bone broth from the scarp bones from when we purchased the quarter of a cow.

I don't reuse coffee grounds, though they do go in the compost pile.

I do cloth diaper, but I also used my dryer regularly.

I garden and can produce, but I will also buy blackberries and blueberries (but only when they are less than $2 a pound -- I guess that is somewhat tightwadish).

So, I'm not a dyed-in-the-wool tightwad, but I have my frugal ways.


  1. I say do what you can and what you are comfortable with because otherwise being so beholden to looking for the better deal/price can become a burden and like shackles. I think you are doing a fine job being just right sort of 'tightwad' :)

  2. You have a conscious effort about being thrifty. Keep up the good work. And .. books are just for guidance not to become a slave working out someone's philosophy to a 'T'


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