Monday, May 14, 2012

The day we said goodbye

Today, we said goodbye to Hank. We noticed this afternoon that he hadn't peed all day, and got worried. So, we googled it. And it wasn't good. So, we called the vet and got Hank there quick (it was 4:45 pm, end of the day and it was either quick get there this evening or wait for tomorrow morning).

And the vet confirmed it wasn't good. Sometimes, male cats find they can't pee for particular reasons, which I'm choosing not to go into here. Its fatal when you can't pee. There were options for "fixing" the situation, but it was going to cost more than we were prepared to pay. And it wouldn't have really fixed anything.

So, we made the hard choice. Hank went to sleep about 5:00 pm. We brought him home, dug a hole, and buried him in the back yard. We both, Hubby and I, cried quite a bit. Peanut was mostly oblivious, but when I had put Hank in the hole, Peanut pointed and squealed as he usually does when he sees the kitty.

Now, where is that Peanut?
 We will miss this kitty. Hank was a good cat. He was a snuggler and liked to sit in laps. He liked to chase his rope around the living room while we pulled and flicked it. He liked to tease Peanut by laying down to entice Peanut, then get up and run just far enough ahead that it would take Peanut a moment to get there. Hank liked to sleep on my hair, and sleep under the blankets on the bed. But if windows were open, he was in one or the other. In fact, he hadn't done much sleeping on our bed at night lately as the windows have been open so much.  He loved tuna juice and would come running if the can opener was moved around or taken out of the drawer. He liked to sleep on top of the TV cabinet, especially if we were watching a movie in the living room. He liked to drink bath water, though he learned to avoid Peanut's baths since Peanut splashes so very much. He always wanted to go outside, but never knew what to do if we took him out.
On top of the TV cabinet, under the turkey bacon box (his very own hiding place)

Hank, we aren't sure what the fate of kitties is, but we know you are much more comfortable now. And we are glad about that. We love you, Hank and will miss you.
Peanut loved chasing the kitty.


  1. Oh so sorry to hear this Rachael! So hard to lose a furry friend. :(

  2. I'm so sorry, Rachael! It's hard to imagine he's gone...I'm glad we had a chance to see him one last time this weekend.


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