Friday, February 26, 2010

My most recent garden visitor

Neither picture came out so well. My main camera is a small point and shot digital, and the nicer camera has a short battery life. Oh, well. Here he is anyways!

I've seen the squirrel around before, but I think it was last summer. The cat is in a frenzy when he is on the porch, Hank (the cat) gets twichy and makes an almost meow noise, but with out the vocalizing.

I haven't seen him terrorize the birds yet, nor dump the feeder, but I'm sure that is soon to come. I have a feeling I will be competing with the birds, the squirrel and a rabbit or two for my veggy crops this year.

The wind is strong today, mostly in gusts. And its cloudy. It was so sunny this morning, so beautiful, and it had to cloud over. WAAAAA!!! Oh, well, I'll get more sun soon, I'm sure.

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