Thursday, February 11, 2010


Early on, not much fallen at this point.

Its sticking to the grass!

That grass is even more covered now, but pictures are hard in the dark with my little auto-focus point-and-shoot.

I haven't gotten pictures of the snow at the heaviest... its about 1/2" just on the grass. The sidewalk, patio and driveway are very slushy, with a think layer of smoosh. The road was totally white with only car tire tracks. This is crazy.... I heard that it doesn't snow here. But I guess we were all proven wrong this winter. Cold nights down in the 10s, and now snow that doesn't melt on contact.

Luckily, no loss of power or any such inconveniences. Hubby leaves tomorrow for a funeral in Wisconsin. So, I'll be lonesome Friday and Saturday, and car-less. With luck Saturday will provide some garden work time.

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