Saturday, February 27, 2010

Was I tuckered last night!

I was very busy yesterday afternoon... out in the yard. Sunny day, I'm not sick, not at work and it didn't rain yesterday; makes for a good day outside.

I dug the second 4'x8' plot... and planted some spinach (hopefully not too late).
On a previous day, I got trellises up, and put Uncle Chuck's Beans out. Of the four, 3 are doing very nicely, and one is looking a bit wimpy. Might put another seed or two down in that spot to make sure I get a plant there. On the sides, I've got some luffa gourd (seeds are years old, so they might not do anything), birdhouse gourd and mixed gourds (agains YEARS old, so they may do squat).

And I mowed the jungle down to a reasonable level. Our yard is only about 1/4 grass, the other 3/4 are weeds of various kinds. I've started weeding out from some, but when some are 6" high, I figure its time to mow.

I'm thinking I'll dig a 3rd and perhaps 4th 4'x8' plot. Since I gave up the 4'x4' plot to the compost pile (the big white box in the back), I need an herb spot, so another 4'x8' plot is in order. I'll save it for spring break, though.

Oh, yes, can't forget this. I broke the pitchfork. The middle tine was already majorly bent from me tugging on a root. But yesterday, I must of been over zealous in digging up the plot, because I stuck the fork into the soil, tug, tug, tug, snap! I'm really not that strong, it was all lever action, really! I wonder if I can just replace the handle, or if its worth just buying a new one.....

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