Saturday, June 12, 2010

Knitting for Wussies?

I know only a few knitters, but none seem the type to lay back and take it, or to just go along with what someone else says. And then, this article was brought up on a knitting forum I enjoy reading.....

Someone has a very wrong idea of who knitters are. :P


  1. Funny, I picked up my knitting needles recently as well. Maybe I will just enjoy it for me! Some people are goofy, eh? Elaine

  2. I haven't got past knitting dish clothes;) ... hope to find a good tutor so I can advance to knit socks.

  3. My friend taught me the basic knit and purl, and everything else I've found online. And, I've discovered, all the more fancy stuff is all based on these two stitches. Occasionally, there is some fancy increase or decrease, but they are pattern specific, so the pattern shows you how. If you can count, you can do just about anything! Go for it, Mrs. Mac, I bet you can do it!


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