Saturday, June 19, 2010

Such a Nerd, I am

I'm a nerd. A complete, total, all-bought-in nerd. Hubby and I were discussing what we were excited about these days, and I was reminded that I married a nerd, too. So, now we are two nerds in a pod. :P

He is excited about:
Arkham Horror games
Building a lego contraption to hold all the Arkham horror cards
Role-Playing (about once a week, Hubby is Game Master)

I'm excited about:
Working to format my classes to an SBG format
Canning Huckleberries
Knitting my sweater (which I've started over, due to goofs, about 7 times now)

Also evidence of my major nerd syndrome:
I've been thinking about how to use my blog to do more teaching. I love to teach. I am currently a middle school science teacher, and I love it! I'm teaching swimming lessons, and loving it. Being a teacher allows me to showcase my nerd syndrome while getting to teach (I believe that is a tad redundant?). Anyhoo -- there are many, many thoughts in my head, the question is how to get it all out onto paper... I mean, screen... whatever!

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