Saturday, June 05, 2010

New, but old, dishes

Last night I received 3 boxes of dishes from my Hubby's aunt. These dishes were her parents (so, Hubby's grandparents) from when she was a little girl. Thus, they are new for me, but really the dishes are fairly old. They are beautiful, with a red paisley design and they bring my dish sets up to 5. I'm feeling inclined to document and show off my dish sets, so here goes.

First, and most often used, are the plain white, but still beautiful dishes we received as a wedding gift. Simple, white, Target. I love them.

Next, is the tea set I was given while living in SW China (2000 - 2003). I love tea sets and would have more, but space is prime real estate and Hubby isn't quite as enthusiastic about tea sets, so I compromise and settle with my two. That said, I'm very happy with what I have, but I really don't use them enough. Back to the topic at hand... This tea set is themed with apples. The plates have one big apple on them, the cups have apples on them. Its all apples.

Aren't they beautiful apples?

The next tea and coffee set was also a wedding gift. A gal at the church where I grew up informed me that I needed a good service set, so she was giving me this one (she is of a grandmotherly age). Its a beautiful green flower motif, with "Bovaria Germany" stamped on the bottom.

The next dish set I acquired is from Hubby's paternal grandfather. When his health was failing and he needed to move to a place with more assistance, I was offered this set from his old apartment. It is a blue pattern, with flowers and birds that are very penguin like. The flowers seem very oriental in design. The stamp on the bottom states (from top to bottom, commas indicate line break) "Old Bow, Kaki Yemon, Woods Wape, Enoch 1764, Ralph 1750, Wood & Sons, England". The ink lines are all blurred a bit, some parts more than others.

The most recently acquired dish set is the one from Hubby's paternal aunt that we received last night. Again, a red paisley design that is very intricate on all the dishes. The other dish sets have a fair bit of white space around the designs, but not this set. The designs cover the whole of the dish surface, making them very bold. The bottom stamp (again, top to bottom, commas indicate line breaks) states "Paisley, (c) made in England by, Johnson Bros, A genuine hand engraving, detergent and acid, resisting, dishwasher safe, ironstone". I wonder if it is really dishwasher safe, not sure I'm willing to find out.

My hutch, also from Hubby's paternal grandfather, brought down from Wisconsin by Hubby's Mom and Dad, is very full.

I have very grandiose ideas of brunch, out on my porch, for all my girl friends. I truly enjoy entertaining, its the work before hand that is daunting. I remind myself that its worth it, and continue dreaming. Hmmm.... my birthday is coming up, or I could aim for something next fall.... or.... oooo, ideas, ideas, ideas! Those I have no shortage of!


  1. Wow, you do have quite a lot of SETS of dishes!
    We do not have so many sets. We have quite a lot of dishes, but few of them are really sets.
    Although I aspire to have most of my own dishes in blue and white - like the one you got from your husband's grandfather, or so - so even though they won't be sets, they'll match more or less. :-)

    And yes, ideas, those I have no shortage of either. Now, to make at least one or two of them reality! Fingers crossed for you.

  2. A lovely collection you have! How about hosting a tea party with finger sandwiches and fruit salad .. using one of your dishware patterns .. or even mixing them for an eclectic look:) ... real cloth napkins of course!


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